Treat Yo’self – Checking In With Ecocentric Mom

In the interest of transparency and integrity, I’d like to call attention to a new-ish thing you might notice around Meg Acts Out. See those changing banners to the top and right of the page? Those are affiliate links. All they mean is that if you decide to click on one of the links you find interesting and happen to buy something, I get a small percentage for drawing your attention to it. There’s no additional cost to you and there’s no obligation for you to buy. But, if you do, it helps this Read more [...]

A Very Seuss-y Birthday

Hi, all! How has your summer been treating you all? I've done some relaxing with the kiddos, some cleaning, and - a little at a time - chipping away at some konmari action. I’ve sifted through kids’ clothes more than I'd like to admit. Shoes were way easier! So, who wants to party?!?! As with years gone by, I thought I'd stop by to give you the rundown on Hadley's fourth birthday. FOUR. Can you believe that?! Four. My God. He's finally starting a pre-K program in the fall. *sniff, sniff* We Read more [...]

Konmari Simplified – Declutter for Good

If you've already heard of (or even read all about) the Konmari method and have given it the ol' stink-eye, read on. It may not be too late to declutter for good using this method, but simplified. Clutter-Busting vs. Cleaning I was listening to an episode of Young House Love Has a Podcast recently (if you haven't checked it out, do! It's my gateway podcast) and they mentioned reading somewhere that there are two types of people: those who are all about cleaning and those that are all about Read more [...]

Our 2016 Garden and Tips for Gardening with Kids

Our gardens have been massive failures in the past few years, to the point where we went out with a whimper last year and didn't even plant one. The neighborhood cats used the old beds for their bathroom facilities, making it even more useless to try planting. Even the small container "garden" on our back deck didn't do well. Ya win some, ya lose some. But, I'm determined to make a go of it this year. We've decided to forego the CSA that we tried out last year. We really did enjoy it, but Read more [...]

Our Father

...who art in heaven.  When I learned this prayer as a child, I took it very literally. A lump would develop in my throat as I rotely recited the words along with the other churchgoers. I truly thought it was about my dad. Quite literally our father. Thirty years ago today, he passed away. Though I fancy myself having grown and matured over the years, the closer I drew to this date, the more difficult it was to say (or type) those words. While he died so long ago, it's anniversaries Read more [...]